Dunn County Snowmobile Association
Snowmobile Clubs:

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The Dunn County Snowmobile Association is comprised of 14 local clubs.
All are AWSC Members and supporters.

Last updated:  31 December, 2015
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                         Association Officers

                                    President:                Ken Husby - Vista Kruisers
                                    Vice President:       Bob Koehler - Kanda Kruisers / Meno Sno-Blazers
                                    Secretary:                Bonni Falkner - Elk Lake Blizzard Breakers
                                    Treasure:                Tim Schulz - Boyceville Sno-Jammers
                Dunn Co Coordinator:        Kevin Knospe - Valley Snow-Goers
                    AWSC Representative:        Marge Hotter - Kanda Kruisers

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Boyceville Sno-Jammers:

Colfax Snow Drifters:

Downsville Sno-Drifters:

Eau Galle Lakers:

Elk Lake Blizzard Breakers:
Elk Lake Blizzard Breakers support and maintain trails in south eastern Dunn County and north western Eau Claire County. We are a fun and dedicated group of snowmobiliers that support and maintain a park & ride on the corner of West Cameron Street and County Hwy ET in Eau Claire County.  We are always looking for more members, so if you live in NW Eau Claire county or SW Dunn county come join in on the fun and the chance to meet new friends at the Elk Lake Blizzard Breakers.
We meet at the VFW on Folsom St on the west side of Eau Claire on the third Tuesday of each month,  October - March at 7:00 pm.

Scheduled Meetings  (2013 / 2014 season):
Location:  VFW Post 7232 - 7:00 pm (unless otherwise noted)

Oct 15     - Trail Boss Meeting
Nov 19    - Pizza Night
Dec 17    - Pie Social Night  (Bring a friend)
Jan ?       - club Ride  (Location TBD)
Jan 21     - Ride-In Meeting  (Location TBD)
Feb 15    - Presidents Ride  (Location TBD)
Feb 18    - Regular Meeting
Mar 18   - Election Night
Apr 15   - Trail Boss Meeting

Tony Kohnke - Secretary / Treasure       phone:  612-875-3450

Email us:  blizzardbreakers@gmail.com
Web pa:   www.blizzardbreakers.com
Like us:    www.facebook.com/blizzardbreakers

Irvington Weston Hill Climbers:
The Irvington Weston Hill Climbers support and maintain the trail system in and around the Irvington and Weston sections of Dunn County. 
Meetings are shared between locations, and are scheduled for the first Wednesday of the month at 7:00pm starting in September through May.

CALENDAR:  (2010/2011)
Sep 1:     Trailside Bar - Irvington - 7:00pm
Oct 6:      B&B Bar - Weston - 7:00pm
Nov 3:    Trailside Bar - Irvington - 7:00pm
Dec 1:     B&B Bar - Weston - 7:00pm
Jan 5:      Trailside Bar - Irvington - 7:00pm
Feb 2:      B&B Bar - Weston - 7:00pm
Mar 2:     Trailside Bar - Irvington - 7:00pm
Mar 5:     LIVER FEED - B&B Bar - Weston  (watch for details)
Apr 7:     B&B Bar - Weston - 7:00pm
May 5:    Trailside Bar - Irvington - 7:00pm
Sep 7:     Start of 2011/2012 season - B&B Bar - Weston - 7:00pm

        Contact either of these individuals for information regarding the 'Irvington-Weston Hillclimbers' or to join the club.
        Craig Koser - President                    phone:  235.7207                         e-mail:
        Lisa (Tilli) Hotchkiss - Treasure     phone:  664.8831

Kanda Kruisers:
The Kanda Kruisers support and maintain well over 20 miles of snowmobile trail on 5 separate trail systems in Dunn County.  We are a family orientated club and always open to new members.  Kanda Kruisers maintain and support one of the few shelters on the trail system in Dunn County, which is located on trail 37 approx. 4 miles North of Menomonie. The shelter is enclosed with a wood stove, picnic tables, and porta potties.  It is open to all snowmobiliers for a quick warm-up, break, or an afternoon of picnicing, with a beautiful view, overlooking the valley below.
The Kanda Kruisers meet the 1st Monday of the month at the Pioneer on Lake Tainter at 7:00pm, between September and May, with the exception of October, or as determined at a previous meeting.

   CALENDAR:  (2015/2016)
    Sep 7:        Dinner Meeting - Location to be announced - 6:30 - Early Bird sign up.
    Oct 5:        Combination work and meeting night.  Sign Preperation.  7:00pm.
    Oct 31:      Trail Signing - meet at Tylers at 9:00am.   (tentative date).
Nov 2:       Regular meeting - Pioneer - 7:00pm.
    Nov 7:       Trail Signing - meet at Tylers at 9:00am  /  Club/Landowner appreciation dinner at Townhall - 4:00pm (ish).
    Dec 7:        Regular meeting - Pioneer - 7:00pm.
    Jan 4:           Regular meeting - Pioneer - 7:00pm
    Feb 1:          Regualr meeting - Pioneer - 7:00pm
    Feb 12-14: 
Northern Trip -  (Location to be announced). 
    Mar 7:         Regular meeting - Pioneer - 7:00pm  (location may change).
    Apr 2:         Pizza sales - Kanda Kruisers fund raiser
    Apr 4:         Regular meeting - Pioneer - 7:00pm  (location may change).
    Apr 9:         Trail clean up - meet at Tylers at 8:30am  (to be confirmed - weather dependent).
    May 4:        Regular meeting - Pioneer - 7:00pm
    Jun: xx         Club Campout / Picnic - (final date to be determined).
    July xx:        Backyard Picknic - 5:00pm  - (date to be confirmed)

        Contact either of these individuals for information regarding the Kanda Kruisers or to join the club.
        Bob Koehler - President                    phone:  235.6029                         e-mail:  bmkoehler@charter.net
        Melanie Koehler  - Sec / Treas         phone:  235.6029                         e-mail:  bmkoehler@charter.net
        Tyler Kenefick - Vice Pres                 phone:  962.4240                         e-mail:  tkenefick000@centurytel.net

Knapp Valley Riders:
The Knapp Valley Riders support and maintain the snowmobile trail system in and around the Knapp area of  Dunn County.
The club sponsors 2 trail rides with a hotdog roast during the season.  All snowmobiliers are welcome to attend.  Dates and details will be available during the snowmobile season.
Meetings are at the Knapp Village Hall, typically the last Wednesday of the month at 7:00pm starting in September through May.
--- New members are always welcome ---

CALENDAR:  (2010/2011)
Nov 17:     Knapp Village Hall - 7:00pm
Dec 29:      Knapp Village Hall - 7:00pm

Jan 26:      Knapp Village Hall - 7:00pm
Feb 23:     Knapp Village Hall - 7:00pm
Mar 30:     Knapp Village Hall - 7:00pm
Apr 27:     Knapp Village Hall - 7:00pm
May 25:    Knapp Village Hall - 7:00pm

2011/2012 season:

Sep 28:      Knapp Village Hall - 7:00pm
Oct 26:      Knapp Village Hall - 7:00pm
Nov 30:     Knapp Village Hall - 7:00pm
Dec 28:      Knapp Village Hall - 7:00pm

Menomonie Sno-Blazers:
The Menomonie Sno-Blazers typically meet on the 2nd Tuesday of the Month at 7:30pm, starting in October, and going through April.
Meeting locations for the reminder of of the 2013/2014 season will be at Dean & Sues Bar and Grill - just West of Menomonie off Hwy 29.

2014 Meeting dates and Events:

Jan 14:     Dean & Sues - Club meeting - 7:30pm
Feb 11:      Dean & Sues - Club meeting - 7:30pm
Mar 11:   Dean & Sues - Club meeting - 7:30pm
Apr 15:   Dean & Sues - club meeting - 7:30pm

2014 Events:
Feb 7:   Tentative - Club Trip.
Mar 1:  
Bean Bag Tournament - Dean & Sues.
Sep 27:  Bean Bag Tournament - Dean & Sues.

Praire Farm - Ridgeland Ridge Runners ATV / Snowmobile Club:
The Prairie Farm-Ridgeland Ridge Runners - ATV / Snowmobile Club is a club of 70+ families that support and maintain the trails in the northern section of Dunn County.  We are a very active club and have ongoing events throughout the year. 

Prairie Farm - Ridgeland Ridge Runners meet on a regular basis throughout the year, on the 3rd Monday of the month.  Meeting location is at the club shelter in Ridgeland, weather permitting.  Notification to club members is via e-mail, facebook and news letter.
Contact any of the 'contacts' listed below for more info.

                                                                   NEW MEMBERS ARE WELCOME

Contact either of these individuals for information regarding the Prairie Farm - Ridgeland Ridge Runners, or to join the club.
        Bruce Ostenson - President                 phone:  715.790.7522          e-mail:  bruceo@unitedagcoop.com
        Tim Ambrose - Vice President             phone:  715.418.9771
        Jamie Christoperson - Secretary          phone:  715.418.0461          e-mail:  jamiec@chibardunn.net
        Jerry Zebro - Treasurer                                                                        e-mail:  jzebro@chibardunn.net

                                                                        THANK YOU LANDOWNERS

Tainter Trail Tamers:
Tainter Trail Tamers meet on the 2nd Tuesday of the Month at Menomonie Veterans Center (DAV).
Everyone is welcome to attend our meetings.

New members are ALWAYS welcome.  Please contact any club officer to join!

 Toby Nusberger   -  President             phone:  715.556.4446
  Dean Steinmetz    -  Vice President     phone:  715.556.4506
  Dave Kowieski     -  Treasurer             phone:  715.505.1544       email:  davekowieski@wwt.net
  Ryan Sterry          -  Secretary              phone:  715.309.3706

Valley Sno-Goers:
Valley Sno-Goers meet on the Second Monday of the Month at Torch's Valley Bar.
Meetings start at 7:30pm. 
For information, contact Kevin Knospe (at 715.768.5065) or check Torch's Valley Bar facebook page.

New members are ALWAYS welcome.  Please contact any club officer to join!

  Terry Ahlert        -  President              
  Mike Weber         -  Vice President
  Heather Weber    -  Treasurer
  Karen Ahlert        -  Secretary

  Torch's Valley Bar     -    phone:  715.235.9266           Torch's Valley Bar facebook page

Vista Cruisers:

Wheeler Snow Drifters:
The Wheeler Snow Drifters meet the 1st Wednesday of the month at various locations in the Wheeler area.  All meetings start at 7:00pm unless otherwise indicated.

   CALENDAR:  (2008/2009)
    Nov 5:     Club Meeting - Crystal's Corral Bar - 7:00pm
    Dec 3:      Club Meeting - 50 Yard Line Bar  - 7:00pm
    Jan 7:      Club Meeting - Otter Creek Inn - 7:00pm
    Feb 4:     Club Meeting - Wendy's Wheeler Inn - 7:00pm
    Mar 4:     Club Meeting - Crystal's Corral Bar - 7:00pm
    Apr 1:     Club Meeting - 50 Yard Line Bar - 7:00pm
    May 6:    Club Meeting - Otter Creek  Inn - 7:00pm

        Contact either of these individuals for information regarding the Wheeler Snow Drifters or to join the club.
        Barney Loback - President                    Phone:  962.4308
        Jeff Booth - Vice Pres                             Phone:  643.2206
        Randy Smeltzer - Secretary                    Phone:  962.3817

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